Marcia. Hard-Working. Respected. A Leader.

Marcia Hovey-Wright


In my second term as your State Representative of the 92nd District, I have frequently drawn on my 12 years in mental health as a psychotherapist, 12 years in health care administration and 12 years in education as a school social worker. As president of her neighborhood association, I learned about the assets and needs of neighborhood associations. My experience owning my own counseling business was also valuable.


In my 1st term, I became chair of the Democratic Legislative Women's Caucus, a group of women legislators dedicated to promoting legislation affecting women and getting more women elected to the State Legislature. We worked on bills related to pay equity, woman's health care services, and anti-bullying. Only 20% of the Michigan Legislature are women, one of the lowest percentages in the country. Our Political Action Committee, “Mi Women Win” was instrumental in winning four of the five new Democratically controlled seats – won by progressive women we endorsed and supported financially!

Hard Working

I am a legislator who always does my homework, reading the bill analyses, listening to both sides, and reading and doing research on particular issues. I have scheduled numerous coffees to hear the concerns of my constituents and town halls focusing on the state budget, school cuts, and tax changes. E-newsletters to constituents who sign up regularly communicate about what is happening in Lansing. I have held numerous meetings with constituents on many issues. I have had an open door to all constituents regardless of their position on issues, both in the district and in Lansing. I fought for against cuts to K-12 education and reduced tax credits for the working poor, for MIchigan 2020, funding tuition for community college and university education and for requiring backup generators for dialysis centers. I have held numerous meetings with constituents on many issues such as the state budget, education reforms and women’s issues. I fought for...  
  • Sensible fracking regulation to increase health safety and protect our water
  • Decriminalization of small amounts of medical marijuana
  • Medicaid expansion
  • Michigan 20/20 funding tuition for community college and university education
  • Requiring back-up generators for dialysis centers
  • Scrap metal regulation to reduce theft
I fought against...  
  • Funding cuts to K-12 education
  • Expanding caps on charter schools
  • Cyber schools
  • Reduced tax credits for working poor
  • Pension tax on seniors
  • Right to Work (for less)
  • Insurance ban on abortion coverage without a guarantee that women can buy it as a rider and with no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother….

Creating Jobs

I have worked tirelessly to promote economic development, mostly in two areas - renewable energy and food processing. The Muskegon area has assets that need to be utilized to bring jobs to Muskegon. In renewable energy we have manufacturing capability for wind turbines, a research facility focused on renewable energy, MCC to provide job training, a deep water port for transportation, strong wind, skilled labor and agricultural assets that can be turned into bio fuel. In food processing we have a wastewater treatment facility with underused capacity, agricultural products to process in the immediate vicinity, and available transportation by rail and water. I developed a bill with bipartisan support to create guaranteed loans for the food processing industry The development of our deep water port is critical to the future of Muskegon. I wholeheartedly support this and will do anything I can to help the port project move forward. For more detail about my plans for the next two years, please read my next term goals. I know how to put it together. Sincerely, Marcia Hovey-Wright P.S. Anytime you would like to talk about my campaign, the issues or opportunities to help, please contact me at 231-726-4929.